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"A hero always arrives late."
 -Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto

"Nothing is destined, you can change your own life, don't just believe in destiny as it is unchangeable, believe it as it is changeable." 
-Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto

"All the girls in Konoha are so hot these days."
 -Jiraiya, Naruto

"It is only through the eyes of others that our lives have any meaning" -Haku, Naruto
"Human nature pursues strife." 
-Pain, Naruto

"Like I said I'm me and your you, who's this or that dosen't matter"
 -Shikamaru Nara, Naruto

"Youth is sweet and sour and sometimes strict."
 -Maito Gai, Naruto

"I'm the man who will become Pirate King."
-Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece

"Do me a favor. Keep this hat safe for me. This hat means a lot to me. Promise that you'll give it back to me someday. When you become a great pirate." 
-Red-Haired Shanks, One Piece

"Don't ask me again, you heared me or is it that you just cant believe it."
 -Kurosaki Ichigo, Bleach

"I'm literally hemorrhaging generosity." 
-Kurosaki Ichigo, Bleach

"Hesitate and you will age, retreat and you will die."
 -Zangetsu, Bleach

"The thing that we call power is dynamic, it keeps on changing." 
-Sado Yasutora, Bleach

"No family's got it easy." 
-Nobukatsu Oda, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

"Now, centuries later, our young man is following a voice heard in a dream, dressing as a woman, and stepping forward in search of the New World."
 -Eishiro Sugata, Heavens Lost Property

"Didn't you know? A girls scent... is just as soft and gentle as boobs!"
 -Ryosuke Kaga, Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai

"I'd rather die with someone then let them die alone."
 –Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya), Sword Art Online

"I'm impressed with my own tenacity." 
-Atsushi Shimao, Natsuyuki Rendezvous

"I'm pretty well used to looking at panties, but when it comes to putting them on myself, that's a whole different kind of fun."
 -Tomoki Sakurai, Heavens Lost Property

"Nobody likes to admit the mistakes of their youth""Nobody likes to admit the mistakes of their youth"
-Char Aznable UC 0079


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